I'm just trying to find myself. If you come across me, let me know.

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Jared Allman, part trois.

It’s time…

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve really noticed a change within myself. I started to care about myself. It’s been years since I have really paid any attention to me, myself, and I. I’m starting to care about my health, my body, and the way I look. I’m finally starting to realize that my past is my past; I can’t change it. What I can change is the future and if I get my ass in gear, I can do anything I set my mind to. It’s time.

I. can’t. even. This dude is just right.
I’m going to go on record and just say this kid is adorable. Bromos are the best and so are Chubbies.

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So a guy messaged me tonight on Grindr. I don’t pay for the Xtra so I get messages whenever I decide to check them. Well I found a message from this guy who is really cute. We start talking and dude knows my name and everything. So I’m a little creeped out, to say the least. Come to find out, we went to junior high and high school together. He is two years younger than me and was friends with one of the girls I dated. Awkward thing is, I don’t really remember the kid at all. Feel kind of bad about that, but hell he turned into a really cute dude.

Jared Allman, part deux
Seriously, just found out who Jared Allman is and he’s one fucking sexy bromo. Just my type.


So I’m going to be spending¬†spring break in the 757. I am seriously considering moving back here for a bit. If you are in the area let me know.

Different Direction

So I think I’m going to start taking my blog in a little different direction and post more than just hot guys. I mean hot guys are great, but I want to talk more about me and my life. So here’s to that!

I had a sex dream about Adam Levine last night. Yes, please and thank you.